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The week of Valentine's Day is a perfect time to be thinking about commitment, and as of Sunday, February 17, we're well on our way in our commitment to make our church strong and vibrant for the coming year.

So far, we've collectively pledged $50,321. This is one-quarter of the way to our $200,000 goal! Better yet, we've reached this number with fewer than a quarter of our church's pledging units--so if the average pledge stays the same, we're golden.

As we saw from this month's Living Traditions ceremony, making a commitment to the church gives you a church family and a spiritual home for life. Let's keep that thermometer going up and make our church a place we'll all want to stay for fifty years.

Remember, pledge cards are due by Sunday, March 24. To pledge online, go to You can also mail your pledge card to the church or deliver it to Caroline and Michael after the service each Sunday.

For more inspiration about working together to keep our church strong, check out the in-service testimonials recently offered by some of our most dedicated members: Anne Slater, Phyllis Belk, and Dave Kurkowski. If you'd like to submit your own testimonial, please email

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