First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia ~ Welcome home!

Here are a few quotes from 
Our Very Own Young Adults 
of what they wish for our First Unitarian community in 2014:
“To support and care for each other,
while diving deep into philosophy and meaning,
so that we may better care for ourselves, each other, and the world. 
Also, more hugs.”
“I wish for our community to grow larger, more passionate and more honestly inclusive. 
I intend to bring a model of empathy and inclusiveness for the queer and trans communities.”
“Friends beyond friends.
Hope beyond hope.
Faith beyond faith.
Life beyond life.
When I've been down, I've hoped beyond myself.
This is what I wish for all.”
“In 2014, I wish the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia would continue to engage Philadelphians 
in a dialogue about the roles of faith, diversity, tolerance, and meaning in their lives.”
“I wish for the people in our community to strengthen relationships with each other, 
deepen relationships with those outside of our community, and grow the relationship with our own self."
"A wall-less room that vibrates
in support, love and 
action, but also
a peaceful center
where one can come
and rest and restore their mind and heart."

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