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The First Unitarian Church offers seven main programs to members and friends. Please see the drop down menu for this page to learn more about other programs offered by the church. 

  • Caring

The Caring Ministry Team officiates the "Sharing of Names" (i.e., the Joys and Concerns) in our weekly worship services. They also make regular calls to those in need and meet monthly to write follow-up cards. To arrange a pastoral call, please contact our Minister.

  • Membership

The Membership Ministry Team sees visitors through the membership process and helps them become an integrated part of the community.

  • Music

The Music Program, led by Director John B Hedges, produces the musical selections in each worship service and offers a series of concerts throughout the year.

  • Religious Education

The Religious Education Ministry Team develops programs for children and youth. The Adult Religious Education Ministry Team develops programs for those ages 18 and over.

  • Social Justice 

The Social Justice Ministry Team oversees the various task forces working on outreach programs through the church.

  • Worship

The Worship Arts Ministry Team develops the Sunday morning worship services. 

  • Young Adults

The Young Adults are an active group involved in volunteer, education and social activities. 

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