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Meet our Staff

Norman Fouhy, Business Administrator

 Email Norman, or call him at 215-563-3980 extension 101.

Nic Tenaglia, Building Superintendent 

Nic Tenaglia is a born and raised Philadelphian who joined the First Unitarian Church staff in Spring 2018. Their beard has a beard. They can be reached at, or (215) 563-3980 x 103.


Chase Castle, Music Director

Chase Castle is an active organist, choral conductor, and musicologist from Norwalk, Ohio. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Keyboard Performance and Music History & Literature at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, and is currently a Benjamin Franklin Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Music.

Castle enjoys exploring all aspects of organ repertoire, with particular emphasis on ethnomusicological and world music compositions. One of his areas of research includes the music of American Appalachia. He has published five volumes of poetry with influences from this style, and has released an original Americana album with “The Moonlighters” from Cleveland, Ohio. If you are interested in making music at First Unitarian Church – either in one of our choirs or as an instrumentalist, contact Chase at

Hye Sung Gehring, Communications Director

Email Hye Sung, or call him at 215-563-3980 extension 102

Jonathan Blount, Sexton

Jonathan was born in Philadelphia, PA in March 1970. He began to pursue his artistic inclinations during high school. At first he sought to develop his creativity by becoming a pastry chef, but soon realized that he needed to change from cake to canvas. Jonathan's early oils were expressions of his inner voice, translating what he was feeling and hearing internally into paint. As he matured, he realized that he loved painting and drawing the male form. In approaching the artistic rendering of the male form, he starts with shadow and works into the light. Jonathan's works have found their way into several private collections of friends and associates. He has become noted via exposure in the world wide web. In 2006 his works were featured at a Philadelphia LGT/Pan exhibit at the Aphrodite Gallery in Queen Village, Philadelphia, and at the Liberty Bears' LGBT art exhibition. When not painting, you may find him baking cakes -  a whole art unto itself, and a big part of Jonathan's family through his mom and grand mom. He has been working with the church for ten years. Orville (Lee) Gumm recommended Jonathan for the position . Lee was the head sexton at the time, and also his partner. Jonathan now lives with his current partner, Braheem.

You can read the ministers' bios here

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