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Dear friend,

Each of us has a story of how we have come to know First Unitarian Church. Some of us came for our children – looking for a spiritual home that could help them learn to love themselves and value all life, to be grounded in strong values and active in making the world a better place. Some of us came for the people – a place where we could develop meaningful friendships and find a supportive community in a new city. Some of us came when the world was in turmoil – searching for meaning as war tears lives apart, politicians enact hateful policies, and oppression strangles opportunity. Some of us came when our own lives were in crisis – when we had lost a loved one or been given a frightening diagnosis.


Each of us has their own individual story, but the promise of this congregation is only realized when our stories come together as one.


For 221 years, First Unitarian Church has been a beacon of hope and justice, a harbor for the weary and the lonely, a fertile ground for spiritual seekers and students of compassion. This congregation brims with the stories of thousands who have made it the place that we love.

Will you be part of the story of our future?


We are in an exciting time of the life of this congregation. There is great energy on Sunday mornings, a larger and more diverse music program, and more and more opportunities to learn, grow, and serve within our community and beyond.


Together, we have accomplished so much, and yet we are only beginning to fulfill the potential of our congregation's mission and all the people who are touched by it.


In the coming year, we plan to:

  • Build Community: Create more ways for congregants to get to know one another and build a radically hospitable and deeply caring community that will invite new seekers to join us and strengthen our networks of support for one another.
  • Strengthen Justice Work: Grow our justice organizing so that Philadelphia can rely on our congregation to be a force for love that shows up in times of need, and a strategic group of justice-makers that transforms lives and ends regressive policies.
  • Expand Spiritual Growth for All Ages: Increase the ways that our children, youth, families are nourished by our faith – offering meaningful Religious Education programming to all ages, and more chances for everyone be involved in our music, worship, justice, and community life.


And that is just the beginning.


We each have a story of how we came to this congregation and how our lives have been changed by it. The more we bring our hearts, souls, ideas, and energy to this community – the more of us who say “I’m IN” - the bigger our congregation’s impact will be – on our lives, on the lives of others who are looking for a spiritual home like ours, and on the world.


It’s our financial support that makes this church possible.  Writing generously in our checkbooks will help write a visionary future for our congregational story. Click here to pledge!


Are you IN? Whether you are a newcomer like Ted, or a 20-year member like Christine, think about what this church contributes to your life. Think about what you want our future story to be. Think about how a generous pledge from you can help make that future real.


Yours in covenant,


 Christine Carlson and Ted Newill

Co-chairs, Stewardship Team


Thank you for pledging in the 2018–2019 Stewardship Campaign! 

Why pledge? Your pledge represents your commitment to support the church financially during the 2018–2019 church year, which runs from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. Our pledge dollars support our ministry, staff, and outreach. By pledging now, you help us plan and budget responsibly.

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How much do I pledge? We recommend making a pledge that is meaningful for you. Consider how the church impacts your life and the lives of others.

That’s pretty vague.

Or start with this fact: the church spends about $2,000 per person on our ministries and programming. If the right amount for you would be more or less than that, find your target yearly or monthly giving on the grid below.

Estimated Income


or $12,000/year





or $60,000/year


or $120,000/year



$20/month or $240/year

$50/month or $600/year

$100/month or $1,200/year

$200/month or $2,400/year



$50/month or $600/year

$125/month or $1,500/year

$250/month or $3,000/year

$500/month or $6,000/year



$70/month or $840/year

$175/month or $2,100/year

$350/month or $4,200/year

$700/month or $8,400/year



$100/month or $1,200/year

$250/month or $3,000/year

$500/month or $6,000/year

$1,000/month or $12,000/year


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How do I pay my pledge?

You can pay in installments or all at once, by check, cash, or automatic bank transfer. Beginning July 1, 2018, you will receive quarterly statements showing your pledge progress.


What if my financial situation changes?

We understand that our congregation holds diverse resources, and we encourage you to make a meaningful pledge now that you feel good about fulfilling. If you need to revise an existing pledge, contact Business Administrator Norman Fouhy at or (215) 563-3980 x 300.

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How is the money managed?

Our members are the highest authority in the church, so every spring, members discuss and vote on a budget for the coming year. The budget is drafted by the church’s executive staff in partnership with the Board of Trustees and the Finance Working Group.


How can I have a voice in spending?

The Board will host two budget info sessions in the spring to propose drafts and hear feedback. In addition, the Board and the Finance Working Group meet monthly to review finances and fundraising. All are welcome to attend these meetings.


Do we have other income sources?

In addition to our individual giving, the congregation earns rental income through our building, and we have a modest endowment. Your generosity is the most important form of support for the church, especially as we grow.

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Questions? Contact Rev. Abbey Tennis at or 215 563 3980.

Thank you for supporting our church!

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