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Summer Services

Sunday services will be held at 10:00 AM in our air-conditioned Parish Room. See you there!

July 28. A Growth Mindset: How We Can Learn to Our Full Potential (Stephen Oliver, Ed.D.)
Join us us as we explore moving from a "fixed mindset" (where we are concerned with how we will be judged), to a "growth mindset" (where we are concerned with improving personal qualities to be open to change). Together we will move towards fulfilling our potential!

August 4. The Multiverse and Chaos: A Scientific Spiritual Tool (Amelia Wisniewski-Barker)
How can we use multiverse and chaos theory to deepen our spiritual lives? Each of us and our choices drive the direction of the universe; every choice we make is significant, every decision can change the course of life. On the other hand, we are ultimately insignificant at the cosmic scale; no choice any of us can make will make or break the way existence unfolds. This service will explore how holding those two ideas simultaneously can offer us powerful spiritual tools for times of struggle and hardship.

August 11. Questions of Faith (Rev. Abbey Tennis)
Rev. Abbey returns for a spontaneous, unscripted service to answer your questions on matters of spirituality and social justice. If you’d like to submit a question, please send it by Wednesday, August 7, to with “Questions of Faith” in the subject line. There will be a chance to ask questions during the service as well!

August 18. Are People Good? (Phaedra Tinder)
How do we square a desire to see the best in others with the harms we know people are capable of? What does "being a good person" even mean? This week we consider this tension and try to imagine what living with it might look like in practice.

August 25. Blessing of the Animals (Rev. Abbey Tennis)
Bring your (well-behaved and/or crated) pets to receive a blessing in this intergenerational service celebrating our relationships to the non-human community of life. Pictures of shy or departed pets, stuffed animals, or other symbolic animals are invited to receive a blessing too!

September 1. Improv as Spiritual Practice: Making It up as We Go (David O'Connor)
The rules that govern good improv play are worth exploring as a way to live in community with others. Let's play together and see what sticks!


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